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Flexible fuel-feeding systems for cement manufacturers

Kingfisher fuel-feeding system

Kingfisher offer cost-effective solutions suitable for flexible alternative fuel feeding systems

A WIDE variety of waste materials supplied in loose pellet form can be encountered when dealing with alternative fuels, hence the requirement for a flexible fuel-feeding system, as transporting these materials can have a detrimental effect on the equipment used to convey the fuel, eventually resulting in excessive wear due to factors such as contaminated fuel streams, velocity and volume.

For a number of years Kingfisher have been manufacturing wear-resistant process plant and equipment such as transfer chutes, hoppers, bag filters, pipework and a vast range of other products for end-users and OEMs. Whether new or refurbished, the equipment not only lasts longer, but also adds value to manufacturing plants through the prevention of ad-hoc maintenance programmes.

In compliance with IED, cement producers are using increased levels of abrasive alternative fuels and it is, therefore, essential that key equipment connecting the main process is fully protected. Kingfisher supply proven solutions such as pipework systems which convey the fuel into calciners and rotary kilns.

A recent project included the manufacture and supply of a complex piping system to feed two kilns. After an extensive site survey carried out by Kingfisher engineers, it was advised that the existing system required re-routing to eliminate pressure drop and prevent excessive wear, which resulted in the introduction of Kingfisher’s K-ALOX ceramic lined pipes, which are well suited to handling alternative fuels.

‘We have been offering long-lasting, cost-effective systems to the cement industry for a number of years now,’ stated Kingfisher’s project manager, Mark Bond. ‘Our K-ALOX-lined pipework systems are ideal and specifically designed and manufactured to feed into both calciners and kilns.

‘Our ceramic lining system is the ultimate material to operate in temperatures of up to 1,600°C. Having being proven over many years’ service, with its exceptional characteristics it offers heat resistance and protects equipment from extreme abrasion.’

Kingfisher will be exhibiting at Hillhead 2014 on stand number C17.

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