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Flexco introduce new HV2 Precleaner

HV2 Precleaner

Latest HV2 Precleaner can be used alongside a secondary cleaner to deliver optimum cleaning performance

FLEXCO have recently introduced the HV2 Precleaner with V-tips to their complete line of cleaners. Designed to be positioned on the head pulley to remove the bulk of carryback from the belt, the HV2 is an enhanced version of the proven H-Type Precleaner.

The 6in tungsten carbide V-tips work independently and conform to the belt as each wears, allowing for maximum cleaning efficiency on vulcanized belts. The new torsion element cushion design and adjustable mounting method ensures the tips maintain optimal blade-to-belt contact, requiring no shimming of the blades.

Available in sizes to fit belt widths of 18–72in (450–1,800mm), the HV2 Precleaner can be used as a stand-alone cleaner in light- and medium-duty applications. It can also be effectively combined with a secondary cleaner to remove carryback in heavy-duty applications.

‘The HV2 is part of a complete cleaning system,’ said Ryan Grevenstuk, senior manager at Flexco. ‘It is made from heavy-duty steel with a corrosion-resistant powder coating. When teamed with a secondary cleaner, together they deliver maximum cleaning power for the most abusive conveyor applications.’

The HV2 precleaner is suitable for use in underground mining, hard rock, aggregates, and bulk material handling. When installed at the head and tail pulleys, the HV2 is also an effective cleaner for reversing belts.  

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