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Finning launch fuel compliance kit

Fuel compliance kit

Testing kit introduced to support impending red diesel switch and ensure smooth transition for customers

FROM April 2022, the use of red diesel for most industrial applications will be banned. Introduced as part of the UK Government’s objective to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the move will mean that businesses falling outside of the new guidelines must instead use fuel taxed at standard rates.

To help ensure a smooth transition, Caterpillar distributors Finning UK & Ireland have launched a new fuel compliance kit.

The new legislation is intended to reduce the commercial use of red diesel, meaning that industries including quarrying, construction, demolition, and waste will have to turn to other options such as unrebated white diesel or alternative fuels. Whilst there is no chemical difference between white and red diesel, those making the switch will need to make sure they are fully compliant from 1 April 2022.

This is because there will be no grace period to use up old stock, with users of vehicles and machinery losing their red diesel entitlement advised to run down their existing stock and flush out the tank and supply lines until no marked rebate fuel remains by the cut-off date.

‘We understand there will be a period where companies are switching over and removing red diesel from their machines and storage tanks,’ said Ian Burton, service development supervisor at Finning UK & Ireland. ‘We can help with this switchover by checking fuel for residual traces of red diesel using our fuel compliance kit.

‘A sample bottle of fuel from each tank is sent to our specialist laboratory, tested, and used to confirm the quantity of red diesel present (above 1–2%), and if not, confirm that it meets government requirements. The fuel compliance kit is designed to make taking fuel samples simple for the company or operator, without the help of a service engineer.’


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