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Finlay Group unveil new Allu TS screening buckets

Allu TS bucket

Latest bucket innovation meets growing demand for multiple aggregate sized solutions

THE Finlay Group have added a new range of screening buckets to their core plant and tool fleet due to the growing demand for multiple product sized solutions. The Allu TS buckets – which feature a state-of-the-art drum assembly – can screen, shred and mix many types of materials, including top soil, green waste and bark.

They can also aerate and load in a single-step operation and have the capacity to process two different fragment sizes in one unit simply by altering the configuration of screen combs inside the bucket.


Chris Bell of the Finlay Group said: ‘After promising results with the TS buckets last year, we’ve decided to make them part of our core fleet. The ability to change the screen sizes with these buckets is a welcome feature.’

The versatile screening bucket is suitable for use on 13- to 45-tonne excavators and 7- to 30-tonne wheel loaders and telehandlers. A central feature of the Allu TS technology is the spinning blades between the screening combs. The space between them determines the size of the end product, ranging from 16–32mm to 25–50mm and 35mm. 

As the screening combs carry the majority of the material weight, there is less wear and tear on the drums and bearings. According to the Finlay Group, this design ensures the high-production bucket remains clog-free even with wet and sticky materials. The Allu TS drums are available in two different blade types: standard for screening materials; and axe blades for when a crushing effect is required.

Mr Bell commented: ‘We have a variety of demonstration and hire units to suit a wide range of base machines, including excavators, wheel loaders and telehandlers, as well as stock units for the most popular models. We keep units at both our Cambridge and Stafford depots so we can serve customers nationwide.’


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