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Eurovia UK celebrate sustainable practice

Eurovia UK recycling demonstration day

Company marking Responsible Business Week by celebrating sustainable practice across the business

EUROVIA UK are marking Responsible Business Week 2018 (23–27 April) by celebrating sustainable practice across their businesses.

The company’s strategy is focused on the delivery of sustainability commitments in terms of social, economic and environmental performance, along with wider business responsibilities and governance.

Eurovia UK are part of a global business that has pioneered numerous innovations that are paving the way for a sustainable future. New transformational processes that are already being rolled out in many parts of the world include projects that capture the sun’s thermal energy using road surfaces, so it can be stored and used to heat homes and infrastructure, and the use of plant-based fuel for asphalt production.

One of Eurovia UK’s key aims is to fulfil a zero-waste-to-landfill ambition, thereby supporting a truly circular economy. A key component of this is the ability to transform by-products, previously considered as waste, into material suitable for creating long-lasting highways solutions.

Many of these were on display at the company’s recent open day at Worcestershire Highways Recycling Centre, where visitors were shown a range of innovations, such as how quality pothole repairs can now be carried out around the clock using hot-mix recycled asphalt.

Dave Rowley, Regional Director of Ringway Term Services West, said: ‘Sustainable service delivery, recycling and reuse are a key part of what we offer because of the unique way in which we deliver services, contracting and production within the one business.

‘Events like our recycling demonstration day are an important way of showing people just what we are capable of doing and the quality of the recycled products that can be produced within one organization.

‘It is one thing to read about sustainability, but seeing it in action, in your local community, is very different. It brings it to life when somebody comes to one of our recycling plants and sees for themselves not only how we are able to turn waste into quality materials, but also how this saves our clients’ money and protects the environment, year in year out.’

Eurovia UK also plan to increase their commitment to responsible business and the delivery of wider social benefits in the communities where they work. This is already happening in many parts of the country, where staff members are, for example, joining forces with local community groups to volunteer in clean-up events. All Eurovia UK employees are entitled to take up to two paid days each year to volunteer for a worthy cause.

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