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Eurovia Surface Treatment first in UK with new sprayjet

Greenswift control system

EST trial Greenswift combined frontal spray injection patching/rear surface-dressing machine

EUROVIA Specialist Treatment (EST) are the first business in the UK to trial a new combined frontal spray injection patching unit with rear surface-dressing patching capabilities within one machine.

In an innovative twist on traditional sprayjet patching, the ‘Greenswift’ machine is currently being trialled within the UK, with EST being the first company to test its performance.

The key difference from more traditional patching operations is that the process allows a pothole to be filled with a frontal injection patching system, then sealed with a surface dressing from the one unit.

As all of the operation takes place with the one machine, it can be controlled by the operator from the cab, making the process safer and allowing a higher-quality end product.

EST say the trials have demonstrated some successes and key learning, with their teams providing regular feedback to Secmair, the vehicle’s manufacturer.

EST regional director Paul Goosey said: ‘I believe this trial demonstrates innovative thinking and tests new ways of working that deliver automated, high-quality results for our clients, and create a safer environment for our people.’

To date, trials have taken place in Milton Keynes, Wiltshire and Essex.

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