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Euro 6 first for Hope

Hope Construction Materials concrete truckmixer

Hope Construction Materials take delivery of the first Euro 6 concrete truckmixer in the UK

THE first concrete truckmixer in the UK said to meet the new European transport stipulations has been introduced to the fleet of Hope Construction Materials – Britain’s independent concrete supplier.

The Renault Trucks Range C 430.32 X Load 8x4 with a McPhee Mixers eight cubic metre concrete mixer drum is the first of its kind in Britain. Built to the latest diesel engine emission legislation from the European Commission, the Euro 6’s diesel engine is cleaner than ever before, with permitted mono-nitrogen oxide levels reduced by 75% and promethium levels by close to 99%, when compared with the current Euro 5 standard.

The vehicle was unveiled at Hope’s recent concrete showcase event in Cardiff in front of 50 Welsh building professionals. It will deliver a range of ready-mixed concretes and flowing screeds to construction sites across Wales and the south-west of England.

It has been bought and will be operated by P&T Woodruff Haulage Ltd, a contract haulage company working for Hope Construction Materials. This is the first of a series of Euro 6 editions to Hope’s expanding fleet, as it expands to meet the growing demand for ready-mixed concrete.

The vehicle has a high-roof sleeper cab and lightweight pack including aluminium wheels, fuel tank and air tanks. It comes equipped with a number of safety features to ensure that both drivers and vulnerable road users are protected.

Brian Lomas, Hope Construction Materials’ regional transport manager said: ‘We are delighted that P&T Woodruff Haulage have added this exemplary vehicle to their fleet to deliver Hope’s concrete. The combination of first-class environmental credentials through the Euro 6 spec, and the maximum efficiency of the eight cubic metre delivery load, makes this truck a great match for our business and our values.’

Tim Woodruff, joint managing director of P&T Woodruff Haulage, said: ‘As business is booming, we needed to increase our capacity and the Range C was the natural choice. Normally we have a standard sleeper cab but because we are travelling further afield and need more flexibility, we have specified a high-roof sleeper cab with in-cab comfort extras.’

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