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Eriez sweep away hazardous ferrous metals

Scrap processing company use magnetic sweeper to remove metal pieces that could damage vehicle tyres
Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd have helped one of the largest scrap processors in Britain with the problem of damaging pieces of scrap metal affecting the day-to-day running of their yard.

The simple addition of a magnetic sweeper to the tow bar of one of their vehicles solved their problem with its high-strength magnetic field picking up and holding nails, wire, welding rod ends, bolts, ferrous chips and all kinds of potentially damaging tramp iron in one quick sweep. This fast, efficient and practical way to rid large areas of hazardous pieces of iron helps prevent costly tyre damage, reduce equipment downtime and eliminate many safety hazards.

Eriez supply both permanent magnetic and electromagnetic sweepers. Both types offer a high-speed and powerful solution to troublesome tramp metal with the electromagnetic version having the feature of the accumulated debris being unloaded by simply turning the magnet off. The lightweight permanent magnetic option is not capable of this but it does have the benefit of attracting metal without the need of a power source. Cleaning the permanent magnet is also easy as the non-magnetic housing serves as a stripper pan for the magnet. Simply moving a lever raises the magnet inside the housing and allows the tramp iron to drop to the ground.

The easy-to-use sweepers can either be supplied to suspend from a forklift truck or as a trailing model with puncture-proof tyres and a tow bar for quick attachment to the towing vehicle.

All models of Eriez magnetic sweepers are suitable for ‘clean sweep’ removal of any tramp iron from roads, airports, car parks, warehouses, yards, quarries, machine shops, factory isles and any other area where pieces of iron can be hazardous. 

Miles Disbrey, operations manager at Eriez commented: ‘Tyres can be very expensive and the cost of replacing them over a year adds up to a significant amount. Investing in a magnetic sweeper will considerably reduce if not eradicate this amount completely. We already have one in operation at Eriez and it is already paying for itself.’


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