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Epiroc release new-generation SmartROC C50

The SmartROC C50 MKII is available commercially from October 2023 The SmartROC C50 MKII is available commercially from October 2023

Upgraded surface drill rig features new graphical interface and delivers better fuel efficiency

FEATURING a new, smart graphical interface and even better fuel efficiency, Epiroc have released a new generation of their SmartROC C50 drill rig that combines the high penetration rates of top-hammer drilling with the superior hole quality of down-the-hole drilling.

‘We have fine-tuned and improved an already top-class surface drill rig,’ said Ulf Gyllander, global product manager with Epiroc’s Surface division. ‘The new generation of the SmartROC C50 will be beneficial to mining and quarrying operations around the globe.’


According to Epiroc, the SmartROC C50 is one of fastest, safest, and most efficient drill rigs available on the market. The well-known surface drill rig is said to be a favoured choice for contractors and mining customers who require both raw power and precision. This is due to the COPROD technology, which offers a combination of drilling precision and optimal blasting results.

The new generation of SmartROC C50 is now fitted with an updated Rig Control System (RCS), which is said to improves fuel efficiency by up to 5%. The smart RCS system constantly monitors the compressor load and keep track of engine rev/min to ensure no fuel is wasted and that environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

‘Using less fuel has a big impact on cost savings – and the SmartROC C50 offers the lowest fuel consumption on the market,’ said Mr Gyllander.

The new generation of SmartROC C50 is also equipped with a new, easy-to-use touchscreen which includes an updated graphical interface. The screen provides valuable information and presents the operator with data such as Measure While Drilling. The updated system optimizes workflow and makes navigation even easier, with enhanced automation reducing the demands placed on the operator.

The new display also assists with trouble shooting by showing exactly where a problem is located so that downtime can be kept to a minimum. The smart technology also boosts productivity thanks to more precise drilling and consistency in operations.

‘The SmartROC C50 delivers improved blast results and the smart technology assists the operator every step of the way,’ said Mr Gyllander.


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