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Enhanced skills development


"AN alliance of process and manufacturing industries is to take up the Government’s challenge to improve the productivity and competitiveness of its sector. The proposal, fully supported by hundreds of employers from small, medium and large organizations, focuses on the development, application and retention of key skills."

"Under the proposal, a new body — the Process and Manufacturing Sector Skills Council (PMSSC) — will be operational from the second quarter of 2002. It will be one of a number of sector skills councils that will replace the existing National Training Organizations (NTOs) while incorporating their staff and structures."

"The driving force behind the proposal comes from an alliance of current NTOs comprising the coatings, extractives, furniture, glass, paper and refractories and building products industries. Collectively they represent a UK industry that has a turnover of £29 billion and employs 505,000 people directly and up to another 100,000 in related supply chains."

"A key element of the proposal is the active involvement of all the industries’ stakeholders such as trades unions, professional bodies, qualification bodies, education and training providers and the emerging governmental networks for skills development in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland."

"Commenting on the proposal, Ken Riley, chairman elect of the PMSSC, said: ‘This marks a significant turning point in the identification and provision of learning and skills that will bring competitive advantage to the UK. Previously individual NTOs have developed skills solutions for their particular sectors, but now we have the opportunity to harmonize the best, discard the weak, and bring a step change to UK industry.’"


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