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Edge Innovate launch new flip-flow screen

FreeFlow 186 screen

Latest FreeFlow plant provides two screening operations in a single unit

ACCORDING to Edge Innovate, their newly launched FreeFlow 186 screen can run 10% faster than other competing flip-flow units and delivers a mat acceleration of up to 50g.

Ultimately, the two-deck FreeFlow 186 offers two screening operations in one unit. Customers can process ‘un-prescreened material’ via the plant’s robust scalping screen via the top deck whilst providing a fine screening function of difficult-to-screen material via the flip-flow bottom deck.


The Edge FreeFlow screen range has been developed to offer a highly efficient screening solution for sticky, moist materials with a high percentage of fines and is suitable for the processing of compost, wood, skip waste, trommel fines, construction and demolition waste and incinerator ash.

The four-level stepped top deck gives users an aggressive scalping action within a robust design. Screening area has been vastly improved by reducing the dead areas found on the feed shelf and top-deck cross members.

The flexibility of the FreeFlow 186 screen is underlined by its intelligent modular top deck system allowing numerous media types, such as 3D panels and punched plates, to be quickly and easily installed side by side, which, in turn, reduces downtime.

The powerful snapping of the bottom deck media generates a ‘flip-flow’ material movement, resulting in high acceleration (up to 50g) that disperses particles sufficiently to allow smaller particles the opportunity to reach the screen surface and pass through freely.

The combination of high acceleration and continuous screen flexing is said to help prevent blinding, clogging and pegging, leading to a highly efficient screening process.

With a wide range of adjustable throws and speeds, the Edge FreeFlow bottom deck can be tailored for numerous applications. For example, various polyurethane media types with different panel thickness, hardness, pattern and apertures are available.

With increased throughput, high efficiency, adjustable speed/throw and quality end-products, the Edge FreeFlow 186 screen has proven to be an ideal separation solution for difficult-to-screen materials.


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