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Early success for high-tech impactor

Vibraflo Materials Handling have reported great interest in the new Hazemag ‘intelligent’ range of secondary crushers. The AP-SH series is a completely new design of Hazemag impactor that incorporates numerous features and improvements.

The rotor is an enclosed rugged cast-steel design which has a high moment of inertia coupled with wear-resistant qualities, achieved by the shielding of the potential wear zones. The blow bars have been designed for single-face use with a high degree of utilization. The blow-bar retainers are self-clamping and easy to release, reducing the time it takes to change the blow bars, frequency of change and the overall wear costs.

With the introduction of the HAZtronic unit, the new impactor is equipped with a completely new electro-hydraulic mounting and control system for gap adjustment of the impact aprons. The unit’s cylinders and control blocks are located flat against the housing rear wall, creating much more space when the housing hinged section is opened. On the entry of tramp metal into the impactor, the first impact apron immediately retracts on contact, at the same time initiating the retraction of the second apron and the grinding path (if fitted), allowing tramp metal to pass through with minimal potential for damage. As soon as the metal has passed through, the impact aprons automatically return to their original settings. Utilizing the impact-apron hydraulics, compensation can also be made for blow-bar wear. If the impactor is fitted with a variable-speed drive all the main parameters can be fixed to control the product size. The impact aprons and rotor speed can be adjusted by using appropriate software.


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