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DXB extend high-performance pumpset range

DXB high-performance pumpset

New manufacturer launches powerful turbo pumpsets for UK and Irish quarry markets 

DXB Pump & Power, the UK’s newest pumpset manufacturers, have expanded their range of high-performance pumpsets for the UK and Irish quarry markets with the launch of the s750/40, an 8in high-flow pumpset for use in dewatering applications, and the hh200/100 high-pressure portable set for deeper quarries and wash plant supply applications.

Designed around the UK-manufactured JCB 444 TCAE engine, which generates 100kW at 1,800 rev/min, DXB have designed their most powerful 8in pump to be capable of flows in excess of 1,000 cubic metres per hour and pressures close to 7 bar, whilst still managing to pass an 85mm solid, making the unit particularly suitable for quarries operating near rivers and low-level flood plains prone to seasonal floods, such as those on the rivers Trent and Severn.


‘Our s750/40 pumpset uses a compact 4-cylinder engine designed by JCB to go into their own equipment, so its lightweight and really fuel efficient but powerful,’ said Simon Ruffles, managing director of DXB Pump & Power.

‘We designed our 8in pump on to this engine and when we ran it at a quiet 1,800 rev/min we found we were achieving 20% more flow at 30% more pressure than our closest competitor with a similar engine. Our other competitor had to jump to a 6-cylinder engine running at 2,000 rev/min to get anywhere near as close in terms of pressure or flow.’

According to DXB, the secret behind this significant improvement in performance is the new pump end they are using, which has a hydraulic efficiency of more than 80%, making it possible to achieve this type of performance from a 4-cylinder, highly economical engine running at only 1,800 rev/min.

Using the same philosophy, DXB have also designed a new high-pressure pumpset that extends the company’s performance in this market. The new hh200/100 is said to be the only 4-cylinder, 3in high-pressure set capable of flows of more than 200 cubic metres per hour at 10 bar, making it particularly suitable for some of the deeper quarry applications seen in the UK.

With a maximum flow more than 240 cubic metres per hour and pressures over 12 bar, the new hh200/100 pump operates most efficiently at 1,800 rev/min generating 160 cubic metres per hour at close to 8 bar, which is considered to be more than enough for most quarries where pipelines are limited to 10 bar of working pressure.

Both new pup models feature four access doors, the patented Cycloseal run-dry sealing system and fast 50cfm priming equipment, ensuring extended run times and utilization, whilst minimizing fuel burn during priming cycles. With fork-lift pockets and single-point lifting, the pumpsets can be placed in quarries using typical loading shovel attachments, without the need for cranes and contract lifts.

And, whilst all DXB pumpsets, including these new models, are available in both Tier 3b and Tier 4i engine designs, the company also has the ability to supply non-Tier 4i engines until 2019 under its new flex allowance programme.


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