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Dust detective on the case

A new dust-monitoring survey tool has been designed by Casella CEL for use as a static area monitor for dust and fumes. Called the Dust Detective, it comprises a Casella Microdust Pro real time dust monitor and Apex Lite air-sampling pump in an enclosure.

Both gravimetric and real-time dust data can be obtained, and foam inserts can also be used, which allow preselection of PM10, PM2.5 and respirable fractions to be taken.  

PM10 denotes fine particles of dust that are less than 10mm in diameter, and these are particularly significant because they can be carried by light winds for long distances from their sources. As well as affecting on-site workers, the dust can have an adverse effect on the local environment and the health of residents living nearby.

Monitoring and controlling such dust is, therefore, essential, as it is now a condition of local authority approval. Short-term dust monitoring is often used to quantify an existing problem and is suitable for identifying areas, or specific equipment on a site responsible for excessive dust generation.

However, if possible, baseline conditions, say Casella CEL, should be established by testing before the start of operations and continued throughout the operation to observe site emissions and ensure compliance with planning conditions. Frequency of dust monitoring should be sufficient enough to take weather conditions and seasonality into account, as well as the effects of remedial measures.


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