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Doosan launch new ADT

DA30 articulated dumptruck offers increased power, better fuel economy and improved comfort

BUILDING on the success of the popular, outgoing MT31 model, the new 28-tonne Doosan DA30 ADT offers many new features to meet customer demands for increased power and performance, easier operation, increased fuel efficiency, enhanced driver comfort and faster travel speeds.

Powered by a five-cylinder Scania DC9 Stage IIIB-compliant diesel engine that delivers a power output of 276kW (375hp), the DA30 offers an 8% increase in engine power compared to the previous MT31 dumptruck. With a 30% increase in gross torque to 1,873Nm at 1,300 rev/min, the DA30 model provides the rim pull required to work in extreme hauling conditions.

The increased engine power is combined with SCR technology to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 8%. Also contributing to the improved fuel economy is the ADT’s new ZF transmission offering eight forward and four reverse speeds. In addition, the new dumptruck comes with smooth Tiptronic gear-shifting (automatic or manual available) that enhances the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels.

As well as permanent six-wheel drive, the DA30 also has a free-swinging rear tandem bogie designed to ensure that all six wheels are in continuous contact with the ground, allowing the truck to operate on very rough and soft terrain.

Like all Doosan ADTs, the DA30 ADT features a powerful engine brake and hydraulic transmission retarder as standard. The air-cooled multiple disc brakes on all wheels offer long service life and sealed protection from the environment.

The dumptruck has a completely redesigned cab providing more space, better visibility and reduced noise levels for the operator. Doosan have also introduced a new electronic system with simplified fingertip controls and a digital display of all machine functions.


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