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Doosan excavator dismantles historic Italian factory

Doosan DX530DM demolition excavator and DX235LCR-7 working in tandem

DX530DM demolition excavator helps bring down derelict plant in Monza

SPECIALIST contractors Seli Manutenzioni Generali SRL have used Doosan’s top-of-the-range demolition excavator, the DX530DM, to successfully carry out the top-down demolition of part of an historic manufacturing plant in Monza, Italy.

The site, in the centre of Lissone, is owned by Brugola OEB Industriale SpA – a world leader in the production of fasteners and other parts for the automotive sector – who are redeveloping and expanding their historic home. The project will make way for a brand-new headquarters for OEB, as well as a new pedestrian square dedicated to its founder – Egidio Brugola.


The demolition contract was awarded to Monza-based Seli Manutenzioni Generali, who had deployed their DX530DM machine – the largest demolition excavator manufactured by Doosan across their range. Featuring a 29m boom and an impressive working range, the DX530DM was identified by the contractors as the most suitable machine for a contract of this type. 

Typical of the design of all new Doosan demolition excavators, the machine allows for the demolition arm to be swapped for an excavation arm to optimize functionality. The DX530DM has a high visibility cab offering a 30-degree tilting angle and features an extendable undercarriage for increased stability.

Equipped with a long arm and demolition grapple, the demolition excavator carried out the entire top-down demolition of two industrial buildings consisting of a 20m high tower section and two single-storey buildings.

During demolition work, the Doosan DX530DM was supported by a DX235LCR-7 excavator which, in alternating phases, dealt with the crushing and removal of steel from the construction and demolition waste, as well as the subsequent loading of materials on to trucks for recycling.


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