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Direct support for off-highway transmissions


ZF Great Britain’s Off Highway division has launched ZFGB Direct, a comprehensive new service covering all its gearbox and transmission products. Available to OEMs, end users, owners and operators, the new service allows anyone who has a problem with a ZF transmission or driveline component to contact ZF directly in Nottingham.

Callers will receive free advice and initial fault diagnosis by experts over the phone. They will also be able to book site visits to provide diagnosis reports, and arrange repairs, remanufacture or service exchange units to get their machines back into service a quickly as possible.

The objective of ZFGB Direct is to provide full-life technical support and backup for transmissions and driveline components, helping to maintain the operating efficiency of off-highway vehicles in an effort to reduce costs.

‘Around 40% of calls we receive detailing problems can be solved over the phone, so it pays to call us first,’ said Mike Goatley, sales manager for ZF Off Highway. ‘In most cases we can have vehicles up and running again in hours. In the event of a replacement part being needed, we have access to the entire ZF worldwide parts database. As added insurance against problems in the first instance, we can also check installations and offer on-site health checks to ensure that a vehicle’s transmission and driveline remains in perfect working order.’

In the worst case scenario, a transmission or driveline failure, ZFGB Direct offers vehicle operators the options of repair or remanufacture, and unlike most non-manufacturer repair services, where the shipping of the transmission or driveline component back to the customer would be the end of the process, the ZFGB Direct service includes the facility for an optional service of installation check to obviate any post-installation problems.

This involves the checking of transmission mountings, propshafts, engine connections and the operation of any direct interlocks or other safety functions, as well as installation of the latest updated software in the transmission control unit.

The new dedicated contact phone number for ZFGB Direct is: (0115) 851 5532.


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