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DAF launch full series of New Generation trucks

The new DAF XFC Construction truck The new DAF XFC Construction truck

Company completes launch of full series of vocational trucks for on- and off-highway applications 

DAF have completed their New Generation XD, XF, XG and XG⁺ range with a suite of double-driven tractors and rigids for off- and on-road applications. These include the new XDC and XFC Construction vehicles that are now also available in 4x2 axle versions. For applications that require lowest vulnerability without the need for off-road capabilities, DAF have introduced the new Extra Robust version of the XD and XF, thereby ensuring there is a New Generation DAF for every application.

According to DAF, the New Generation XD, XF, XG and XG⁺ trucks set new standards in efficiency, safety and driver comfort. The XF, XG and XG⁺ were awarded ‘International Truck of the Year 2022’, whilst the XD received this prestigious recognition for 2023. The unique DNA of these multiple award-winning vehicles has now also been introduced for the construction and vocational sectors with the latest group of models released in the New Generation truck programme.


The New Generation XDC and XFC construction vehicles are distinguished by the dominant black grille and a robust steel bumper, steel radiator protection plate and two maintenance-free LED fog lights – deeply recessed in the bumper for maximum protection. A flexible lower step is available as an option.

The New Generation XDC and XFC have a high ground clearance of up to 40cm and an approach angle of 25 degrees, which makes them ideal for applications that require regular driving off road. The XDC and XFC are available in 8x4, 6x4 and – for the first time – 4x2 axle configurations.

For excellent traction under tough conditions, DAF offers their XDC and XFC trucks with a choice of double-drive, low-maintenance tandems: from a 19-tonne lightweight tandem with single reduction (SR1132T), leaf-spring suspension and disc or drum brakes to 21- and 26-tonne variants (SR1360T) with single reduction, disc brakes and air suspension. For heavy and off-road applications, the 21- and 26-tonne tandem is also available with hub reduction (HR1670T). The tandems are available with wide range of rear axle ratio options from 3.46:1 to 7.21:1 to perfectly tune the specification to the individual task.

The entire range of DAF tandem sets is also available for the new on-road 6x4 and 8x4 New Generation DAF vehicles, where superior traction and high payloads and needed. The 6x4 and 8x4 rigids are available as XD and XF. The 6x4 tractor is available as an XG and XG⁺, as are 8x4 rigids with a steered trailing axle. The 8x4 heavy-duty tractor with steered pusher axle for exceptional transport applications is available as a XF, XG and XG⁺.

For applications that may occasionally require extra traction, DAF offer a hydraulic front-wheel drive option for 4x2 tractor versions of the XD, XDC, XF and XFC. This robust and maintenance friendly ‘PXP’ system can be activated via a switch on the dashboard.

Entirely new are the ‘XD Extra Robust’ and ‘XF Extra Robust’. The series combines the robust cabs of the XDC and XFC with an on-road chassis. This is said to be the perfect solution for operators in the construction and municipal segments who value the lowest vulnerability but do not need full off-road capabilities. The robust front execution with its prominent high-mounted bumper is always combined with a neatly integrated front under-run protection beam and is available on all XD and XF rigid and tractor configurations.

The New Generation DAF trucks programme has been extended to include a full series of four-axle variants with single drive for on-road applications. These chassis versions, with steered pusher axle and/or (non-)steered trailing axles, are well suited applications such as heavy waste collection.

DAF say outstanding fuel efficiency performance – resulting in the lowest emissions – is the result of, amongst others, a highly aerodynamic design and application of the latest PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 drivelines with TraXon gearbox. This automated transmission features, upon request, dedicated off-road software and ‘ASR-off’ as well as ‘Rock-Free’ functionalities for moving off in slippery conditions and to facilitate fast rocking to help extricate the vehicle in extremely tough circumstances.

Not surprisingly, DAF offer a wide range of power take-offs (PTOs) to perfectly meet the wide variety of customer requirements in the construction and vocational segment. The programme includes engine PTO’s positioned at 1 o'clock for heavy applications and a version at 11 o'clock for lighter applications, and indirect PTO options that can be mounted at the front of the engine for hook loading systems or tippers. A full range of gearbox PTOs is also available.

DAF’s say their close collaboration with leading European bodybuilders has resulted in industry-leading bodybuilder-friendliness, including predefined ‘plug and play’ options. Moreover, software integration allows simplified data sharing and communication between vehicle and superstructure, ensuring a perfect integration of controls, signals and warnings.

All new versions for construction, municipal and other vocational applications benefit from the new safety and driver comfort standard introduced by the New Generation XD, XF, XG and XG⁺.

All trucks feature a large windscreen and ultra-low belt lines for superior direct and indirect vision, which is supported by the optional kerb-view window and state-of-the-art technologies such as the DAF Digital Vision System and the unique DAF Corner View.

A wide suite of driver assistance systems as well as class-leading ergonomics are also said to contribute to best-in-class safety. In addition, the DAF say the New Generation trucks offer perfect accessibility, an unmatched interior space and the best-possible working and living environment for outstanding driver comfort.


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