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CPA restructuring to ensure future sustainability

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Association announces structural changes in light of the current challenging market environment      

THE Construction Products Association (CPA) has announced a restructuring of its senior-level management to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization, which is currently facing a challenging market environment.

Facing up to this challenge, the Association has been managing its overheads, removing and reducing costs wherever possible, and also examining and capitalizing on other income streams such as economic subscriptions and research, as well as new opportunities that may exist around some of its technical work and events.

However, despite all of this, it says the underlying financial challenges remain as new companies and existing members look to reduce their discretionary spending. In response, the executive team and the CPA board have looked at all the options, including a possible major restructuring of the CPA’s core strategy, objectives and staff.

The resulting plan, which the board has approved, is designed to protect and enhance the CPA’s areas of expertise while robustly addressing its cost base. This will be achieved by Diana Montgomery stepping down as chief executive and Peter Caplehorn assuming the role of interim chief executive on 1 May 2019.

The board has also agreed to the appointment of a new technical manager to allow Mr Caplehorn to step away from the detail of his current role as deputy chief executive and policy director.

In addition, the board has asked Ms Montgomery to take on a part-time role as chief operating officer for a minimum of 12 months to provide stability and ongoing input into the manufacturing areas of the CPA’s work. This will deliver the reductions in costs necessary for 2019/20, whilst also allowing the CPA to retain the links she has to the manufacturing community, Sector Deal and the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

In a formal announcement of the changes issued earlier this week, the board expressed its thanks to Ms Montgomery for her work in developing the CPA over the past seven years and said it was looking forward to working with Mr Caplehorn to continue to grow the brand and influence of the CPA, and the services provides to its members.

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