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Contractors stay on stable ground with Allu

Allu stabilization bucket

Wet weather provides no barrier to ground stabilization and remediation with Allu bucket system

THE Allu stabilization bucket is proving its worth in the UK construction sector, allowing on-site remediation works to take place, despite the recent wet weather conditions.

Available to UK contractors and plant hire companies from Finlay Hire, the Allu stabilization bucket has been put to work on sites that have become water-logged after months of rain.


Such conditions can impede plant movements and general site activity, but the arrival of the Allu bucket allows the ground to be excavated, screened for oversize and dosed with lime for stabilization to produce a backfill material.

This process, involving just one Allu bucket, has little impact on the day-to-day operations of the site but delivers a hard-standing surface as a platform for development projects to continue.

The Allu stabilization bucket is designed specifically to ‘screen and stabilize’ difficult materials, such as clay and waste with high moisture levels, which are too cohesive for traditional screens.

Chris Bell of Finlay Hire Ltd, part of the Finlay Group of Companies, said: ‘The stabilization model of Allu bucket, with its ability to handle wet and cohesive material, is ideal for the conditioning of material that would otherwise have to leave site, with all the cost and disruption that entails.

‘Without the ability to stabilize the ground and faced with consistent bad weather, contractors can face the prospect of removing unsuitable soil to landfill and replacing it with virgin aggregate to make the land good.

‘The Allu process reduces road usage and costs by negating the need to transport materials in and out of the site, which is an important consideration in built-up residential areas.

‘With any material, the processing will involve some manipulation with an excavator or wheel loader. When it is possible to move, screen, crush, aerate and mix with just one attachment, the benefits of the Allu system provide a compelling offer.’

The Finlay Group are the sole suppliers of Allu products in England and Wales and offer the full range of Allu stabilization, screener crushers and fine-screening buckets, along with other specialist stabilization and dosing equipment, for sale or hire. For further information call The Finlay Group on tel: (01785) 282323.


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