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ConSpare publish their first industry white paper

L-R: Tom Bullock, general manager of technical sales, and James Bullock, managing director of ConSpare L-R: Tom Bullock, general manager of technical sales, and James Bullock, managing director of ConSpare

New white paper reveals sustainable possibilities and opportunities in concrete production

CONCRETE batching plant equipment and spare parts suppliers ConSpare have published their first industry white paper, focusing on the need for a more sustainable concrete production process and the route to getting there.

‘Why Sustainability is a Concrete Matter: Reducing Carbon and Cost from Concrete Batching Plant Operations’ addresses how inefficiencies in the plant and process lead to wasted materials, unnecessary energy expenditure and increased maintenance interventions – which ultimately result in avoidable carbon and higher operating cost.


Combining commentary from sustainability expert Dr Miles Watkins, client case study testimonials and industry statistics, the new white paper was launched at this week’s UK Concrete Show by James Bullock, managing director of ConSpare.

Mr Bullock said: ‘Concrete production currently accounts for 1.5% of the UK’s carbon footprint, and with construction output expected to grow by 42% by 2030, the challenge of reducing carbon emissions from the concrete production process poses a significant problem for the environment.

‘The industry has made great strides in implementing more sustainable solutions. With our expertise in concrete batch plant technology and the production process, we want to play our part, complementing the good work already taking place and providing an opportunity to forge a new path.

‘If you view the production process through the lens of cutting carbon, targeted investment decisions can be made to ensure that concrete plant operators achieve maximum benefit. This is where our white paper aims to inform and support the industry to make small, seemingly insignificant changes to processes that compound over time into wholesale improvements.’

Dr Miles Watkins said: ‘Sustainability is changing society. Sea levels are rising, we have more droughts and heatwaves than at any time in human history, and Arctic ice is on course to disappear in our lifetimes. This is having a massively impactful change and businesses need to understand how society is moving and move with it, or risk getting left behind.

‘There has been a considerable effort by our industry to tackle this problem, but we’ve only just begun – we’re about to embark on a journey and everyone will need to throw their hat in the ring and take part. ConSpare are instrumental in providing help to organizations who are struggling to find a solution, and are playing a critical role in helping their customers achieve their goal of reducing their carbon footprint.’

Mr Bullock concluded: ‘Ultimately, long-term economic growth should not come at the cost of the planet and this new white paper aims to facilitate discussion in raising awareness of the carbon and cost-reduction opportunity our industry has.

‘Every batch of concrete should be treated with caution and care, which includes working together to drive as much carbon as possible out of the concrete production process. By working together, we know this can be achieved and look forward to leaving a responsible legacy by making smarter choices today.’


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