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Configurable UltraSAND plant from McLanahan

McLanahan UltraSAND plant

McLanahan develop sand plant that can be quickly tailored, from stock, to meet customers’ specific needs

McLANAHAN have designed a standard-type UltraSAND plant for stock availability that can be tailored to meet an application’s specific needs.

After reviewing past application data and speaking to dealers and customers, the company has developed three different hydrocyclone clusters in order to better fit the configurable UltraSAND plant to an application.


‘We wanted to provide something that we could put in stock and have readily available, but we didn’t want the producer to have to force their application to fit with one of our standard plants,’ explained Rick Madara, McLanahan’s director of sales for North America.

‘We wanted to produce a plant that would actually fit a producer’s application, so we talked to our customers and our dealers and we looked at the thousands of applications that customers bring to us every year for this type of equipment.

‘What we found was that a lot of these requests fit within a particular ‘window’. We felt that if we designed a standard plant that would fit within that window, we could easily satisfy a lot of our customers’ requests.’

In addition to being readily available, the configurable UltraSAND plant is said to be quick and easy to set up, so producers can be up and running in a matter of days.

Comprising entirely McLanahan-designed, manufactured and field-proven equipment, the plants feature extra-wide walkways that allow for ease of maintenance and efficient sampling.

‘The nice thing about these cyclone clusters is that they’re all interchangeable; we keep them in stock and they all fit on the common cyclone structure in the base plant,’ continued Mr Madara.

‘We can look at an application and as long as it fits within our wide window, we can pick and choose which cyclone cluster to use based on the customer’s requirements and their desired product.

‘The configurable UltraSAND plant meets the same high-quality standards that you would expect from McLanahan, but now it is going to be readily available. We’re going to have it in stock and it’s going to be quick and easy to set up.’


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