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Commercial Recycling choose Powerscreen

Commercial Recycling Limited (CRL) in Poole, Dorset, have recently purchased a complete Powerscreen washing plant, including a Powerscrub 120R, from Powerscreen Washing Systems of Coventry.

Installed in October 2006, the new plant includes: a Warrior 1800; a Chieftain 1400 rinser screen (40mm on the top deck with one-third 2mm and two-thirds 5mm on the bottom deck); a Finesmaster 120 twin-sand plant; a Powerscrub 120R log-washer; and a Chieftain 1400 dry screen (20mm on the top deck and 10mm the bottom deck); together with T4026 mobile stockpile conveyors and a water-treatment system.

Raw material is pre-screened at 0–40mm, 40–100mm and +100mm using the Warrior 1800.  The 0–40mm material is fed to the Chieftain 1400 rinser where it receives its first rinse before being screened into 0–2mm, 0–5mm, 5–40mm and +40mm products.

The 0–2mm and 0–5mm fractions pass through the bottom screen of the Chieftain 1400 into a one-third/two-third split catchbox from where they are gravity fed to the Finesmaster 120 twin- sand plant. This unit produces two clean end products suitable for reuse as building sand and concrete sand respectively; these are dewatered and then stockpiled via the T4026 stockpilers.

Meanwhile, the 5–40mm material, which still contains clay agglomerations, is fed to the Powerscrub 120R for further scrubbing. Comprising a trough with two counter-rotating axles equipped with exchangeable blades, this unit intensively scrubs the material by a process of milling and washing. All lightweight waste material is floated off and dewatered via a trash screen located at the rear of the machine, with the waste water being gravity fed into a sump.

At the same time, the scrubbed 5–40mm material leaves the Powerscrub via another dewatering screen where it receives a final rinse before being discharged on to a transfer conveyor for delivery to the Chieftain 1400 dry screen. At this point the clean material is screened and stockpiled into 5–10mm, 10–20mm and 20–40mm end products, which are suitable for reuse in low-stress concrete and drainage and pipe-bedding applications.


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