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Cold weather skin protection from Deb

Stokoderm Frost hand cream

Innovative protective cream helps improve skin health in cold working environments

WITH winter having well and truly arrived in parts of the UK, organizations should be thinking about how best to protect employees working in freezing environments. Stokoderm Frost, a specialist pre-work cream formulated by Deb Ltd, is designed to keep the hands, face and other exposed skin healthy in cold working conditions.

Exposure to the cold for long periods of time in the workplace can cause issues with dry skin and lead to severe long-term problems. Dry skin is an especially common problem during the winter when the humidity level drops, the air outside is cold and dry, and water in the skin evaporates more quickly.

Inadequate skin protection in workplaces such as quarries and construction sites can also affect workers’ morale and seriously hamper workers’ productivity, particularly during the winter months.

Every year, around 3 million working days are lost to occupational skin disorders (OSDs), costing the EU an estimated €600 million. It is the second most common work-related health problem in Europe.

Part of the Deb Stoko range, Stokoderm Frost has a dual-action formula that prevents skin dryness and allows users to apply the cream at temperatures down to –30°C without it freezing. Dermatologically tested, it is safe to use on the hands, face and any other exposed skin.

A key feature of Stokoderm Frost is that it absorbs quickly into the skin, encouraging its use thanks to its ease of application. This is reinforced by the cream’s compatibility with gloves and personal protective equipment (PPE) – giving workers extra protection on the job.

‘OSD is a serious health issue that goes largely unreported in the workplace: an invisible threat that affects an organization’s productivity as well as the health and well-being of its employees,’ said Paul Jakeway, marketing director at Deb.

‘Workers in cold and freezing environments are at even higher risk of developing an OSD due to severe skin dryness. Keeping hands moisturized and healthy in the coldest of conditions is crucial in establishing a safe and productive workplace.’

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