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CMS Cepcor invest in mobile spectrometer

CMS Cepcor have taken delivery of a new Spectrotest mobile spectrometer analytical machine to enhance their in-house material testing and quality assurance. The Spectrotest equipment is being used primarily for metal analysis for the precise identification of chemical composition of alloys, design, quality inspection and auditing their vast stock inventory.

Spectro are one of the world’s leading suppliers of analytical instruments and their Spectrotest is a high-powered metal analyzer for use in metal production, processing and recycling. The instrument can be used cordlessly with a rechargeable battery pack in difficult-to-reach places for the analysis of small parts, thin wires, curved surfaces or concealed welding seams.  

The recent purchase of the spectrometer, the most powerful in its class, is part of CMS Cepcor’s policy to continually reinvest in new technology to ensure that they remain a key alternative for crusher spare parts. The Spectrotest is a suitable tool for the company’s engineers to use to ensure CMS Cepcor crusher spare and wear parts are manufactured to exacting material standards.

Among the key features of the spectrometer instrument is a plasma generator, special optic, ICAL logic system and newly designed performance read-out unit. According to CMS Cepcor, these special components make the Spectrotest more precise, simpler and reliable.


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