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Chilton Bulk Transport make it a Volvo truck double

Volvo FH540 tractor units

Gwent-based firm bolsters vehicle fleet with two new FH540 Ailsa Edition tractor units

CHILTON Bulk Transport have taken delivery of two new Volvo FH540 Ailsa Edition 50th anniversary 6x2 (rear steer) tractor units from local dealers Truck and Bus Wales and West.

The latest arrivals come in a steered pusher-axle format and feature Globetrotter XL cabs, I-Shift dual-clutch automated transmissions, Volvo Dynamic Steering, gold-painted front grilles and Alcoa Dura-Bright alloy wheels. They will haul Fruehauf bulk tipping trailers.

Brian Chilton, founder and owner of the haulage firm, said: ‘The engine rated at 540hp pulls well, the dual-clutch transmission is superb and the drivers really like the powertrain. The gearbox makes the best use of the engine power without over-revving it and I think that the engine, with the dual clutch, might well be the best combination for our job.’

Mr Chilton has also been impressed by the Volvo Dynamic Steering system. ‘It takes a few days for the drivers to get used to it, but after that they wouldn’t be without it,’ he said. ‘It has fantastic feedback when reversing in a tight spot and is excellent out on the road at higher speed.’

Mr Chilton’s long association with Volvo Trucks dates back to the well-known F86 and F88 models of the 1960s and 70s. The current Chilton Bulk Transport fleet includes used and new vehicles, with the latter being looked after by the dealer under Volvo Gold service contracts.

‘We find the dealer point service levels very good,’ commented Mr Chilton. ‘The drivers drop the trucks off and there is a car available for them to get back. This is an important point, as time spent delivering and collecting trucks for service is a real issue.’

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