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Chilean order for Mogensen

Mogensen, long-term suppliers of vibratory sizing and feeding equipment to Inacesa, Chile’s principal cement manufacturer, recently received another significant order from the company for two five-deck 3m Sizers and two matching spreader feeders. The equipment was delivered to Inacesa’s Antofagasta Works on the northern coast of Chile during July ready for installation later this month.

Each Sizer/feeder combination will be equipped with product chutework, designed and supplied by Mogensen, to separate the screen products, as required. All the machines are fully dust-proofed, with the flexible dust-proof inter-connections needed for the installation also being supplied by Mogensen.

The first unit, equipped with integral product chutes, will receive feeds of roughly pre-screened quicklime (0.9 tonnes/m3) at a nominal 6–15mm or 15–50mm at a rate of 200 tonnes/h. As both feeds contain excess fines and oversize, the aim of the sizing operation in each case is to produce a clean 6–19mm fraction, for which Inacesa has a high demand. The Sizer’s top two decks will remove the +19mm material, while saleable product will be collected from the bottom three decks and fines will pass through the machine.

The second unit, which will be supplied with special free-standing chutework, will be fed with 300 tonnes/h of limestone (1.4 tonnes/m3). Again, two alternative roughly pre-screened materials, 15–50mm and 6–15mm, will be fed to the Sizer with the aim of removing excess fines, –15mm or –6mm respectively. Clean 15–50mm stone will be taken from the top three decks of the Sizer in the case of the coarse feed, whereas in the case of the finer feed clean 6–15mm stone will be taken from all five decks. The product chute will be fitted with a Kinetrol pneumatically controlled flap extending across the whole width of the Sizer, allowing the operator to select either of the two alternative product streams without the need for mesh changes.

The two 3m Sizers, Type S3056, are each powered by two Invicta Type BLz 60-105/6 rotary electric vibrators rated at 6,200W, while the spreader feeders, Type F 3005 C, are fitted with two Invicta BLz 40-27/6 vibrators rated at 1,800W.


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