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Certified cable sand from Aggregate Industries

Aggregate Industries SuperSand

Aggregate Industries launch specialist sand for underground high-voltage power cable installations

IN response to growing demand for cable sands that meet ENA technical specification, Aggregate Industries have launched SuperSand 97-1, a specialized backfill material for power cable installations.

The certified cable sand, which is ENA TS 97-1 compliant, is suitable for installation and backfilling of underground high-voltage cables. Primarily for use in rail, energy, and utilities projects, SuperSand 97-1 meets all the thermal properties required by specification.

Available as unbound sand, in application it easily compacts around power cables to effectively conduct heat away from the source and prevent electrical resistance. 

Clive Martin, commercial manager at Garside Sands, part of the Aggregate Industries group, commented: ‘We’re pleased to be able to expand our range of specialist sands to offer a certified cable sand for applications requiring ENA technical specification.

‘With increased investment in infrastructure, particularly in the rail sector, there is a growing demand for sands that are compatible with high-voltage cables. With the launch of SuperSand 97-1, which is being produced at more than 10 of our sites, we are now well placed to supply projects of all sizes across the UK.’

The specialized cable sand has already been successfully used as part of a comprehensive programme of works carried out at over 100 sites by Clancy Group for UK Power Networks.

SuperSand 97-1 offers consistent grading, density and cohesion (0/2mm and 0/4mm) and is available in 25kg and 850kg bags, or loose.


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