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CEMEX to use 100% renewable electricity in 2019

Rugby cement plant

Company extends partnership with energy, services and regeneration group ENGIE

IN 2019, CEMEX UK will be provided with 100% renewable electricity at all sites supplied by energy, services and regeneration group ENGIE, whose current contract is to be extended for a further 12 months.

ENGIE have been providing electricity to over 150 CEMEX UK sites for more than 10 years, and next year all of the electricity supplied to these sites will come from renewable energy sources, including wind power.

ENGIE’s renewable electricity supply is underpinned by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs). As such sources produce zero carbon emissions, the supply partnership will make a significant contribution to reducing CEMEX UK’s carbon footprint.

ENGIE and CEMEX UK’s commitment to renewable electricity has already been making a positive contribution to the decarbonization of energy in the UK. In the 2017/2018 financial year, renewable energy made up 34% of ENGIE’s fuel supply mix, compared with 29% nationally.

Martin Hills, head of energy and carbon at CEMEX UK, commented: ‘Cement manufacture is inherently energy-intensive and we work hard to minimize energy consumption within the process constraints. The switch to electricity from renewable sources is playing a key role in our carbon-reduction strategy.’

CEMEX UK are also taking advantage of ENGIE’s demand-side services, such as load management to avoid peak tariffs and rapid frequency response, which generates extra revenue for the company. ENGIE also manage all contractual requirements with National Grid on CEMEX UK’s behalf.

Nicola Lovett, divisional chief executive officer of business energy and services at ENGIE, commented: ‘Our 10-year partnership with CEMEX UK has delivered major cost and environmental benefits, while also generating additional revenue for the company.

‘Our ability to provide 100% renewable electricity represents another important step forward in addressing CEMEX UK’s sustainability commitments.’

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