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CEMEX pedestrian safety campaign takes to the road

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Tankers, tippers and truckmixers being branded with striking yellow safety message

CEMEX UK have created travelling billboards on their trucks to pass on the message ‘Don’t Chance It’ to pedestrians as part of the company’s campaign on pedestrian safety.

Different types of trucks – tankers, tippers and truckmixers – are being branded with the striking yellow message ‘Don’t Chance It…Look out before you step out’ to alert pedestrians to the potential dangers around large goods vehicles and, equally important, as a general road safety message.


‘We all walk, from the very young to the not-so-young and our roads are very busy. We want to alert all pedestrians, particularly our senior citizens who are not so quick, and children who can quickly dart off into traffic, about the dangers and how to stay safe,’ commented Andy Taylor, director of health and safety at CEMEX UK.

The annual Department for Transport report on personal injury accident statistics on public roads in Great Britain in 2017 revealed a 5% increase in pedestrian fatalities, with four times as many deaths amongst people on foot compared with cyclists.

‘Our campaign has come at the right time when pedestrian fatalities are on the increase,’ continued Mr Taylor. ‘We plan to brand a further 50 trucks with the ‘Don’t Chance It’ logo, which will soon be on the country’s roads travelling around communities. Hopefully these trucks will make a real difference.’


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