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CEMEX launch Rubbermix asphalt

CEMEX Rubbermix crumb rubber asphalt
CEMEX have launched Rubbermix crumb rubber asphalt

Circular economy pillar of Future in Action strategy supported with launch of crumb rubber asphalt

CEMEX have launched Rubbermix asphalt, a crumb rubber solution which offers an alternative recovery option for used tyres by incorporating them into asphalt mixes. This is the latest sustainable development from CEMEX, who include a focus on the circular economy in their dedicated climate action strategy – Future in Action.

Rubbermix asphalt utilizes crumb rubber, a material made from shredded waste tyres that is also used for football pitches and soft-play floors. It therefore enables end-of-life tyres to be recycled, while creating new roads and new life within the tyres.

CEMEX say Rubbermix is perfect for both local authorities and house builders, as it can be incorporated into mixes for highway maintenance and newly constructed roads and pavements, while providing the same quality control and consistent product performance as a standard asphalt.


Scott Jones, director of Asphalt and Paving Solutions at CEMEX UK, commented: ‘The UK generates more than 486,000 tonnes of used tyres each year and CEMEX have identified an opportunity to incorporate some of these into its existing asphalt mixes thanks to Rubbermix asphalt, with the potential to recycle up to 500 tyres per kilometre of road.

‘CEMEX believe a circular economy is essential for environmental sustainability. By transforming waste materials into invaluable solutions, carbon emissions are reduced, along with other environmental benefits. Rubbermix asphalt can also be combined with our Vialow range of lower-carbon asphalts to further increase the sustainability of a project.’

The circular economy is a model of production and consumption, which involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible. Earlier this year, it was added as one of the pillars of CEMEX’s Future in Action global sustainability strategy.

With their climate action strategy, CEMEX say they aim to lead the way in the construction industry and, as part of this effort, are constantly innovating to provide customers with a broad range of sustainable solutions for the challenges of modern urbanization.


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