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CEMEX inaugurate new recycling centre in Paris

CEMEX's new Gennevilliers recycling plant

Multi-service plant demonstrates company’s commitment to circular economy and carbon-neutral future

CEMEX have opened a new multi-purpose recycling centre at Gennevilliers, in Paris, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to sustainability and achieving carbon neutrality as part of its ‘Future In Action’ strategy.

Located in an industrial port on the Seine, the 3.5-hectare urban site – which has excellent transport links – offers a wide range of resource-efficient solutions and waste-management services based on the circular economy concept. 

The Gennevilliers plant will receive a broad variety of waste materials, including rubble, construction waste, excavated material and inert/impacted soil whilst operating a clear and transparent process that ensures the traceability of the CD&E materials.

Reprocessing waste materials into reusable aggregate and other saleable products is key to delivering sustainability in the construction sector.

According to CEMEX, non-recyclable inert waste will be reused to restore quarries for nature conservation and beneficial after use. Also, in line with its Future In Action programme, the company, wherever possible, will use waterways as a sustainable transportation method to reduce its carbon emissions. 

The Gennevilliers recycling centre forms an integral part of CEMEX's strategy to develop a range of sustainable urbanization solutions in the French aggregates market. 

Alain Plantier, director of materials France North, commented: ‘Developing construction in high-growth urban locations requires circular economy solutions which mitigate climate change and save natural resources while improving the wellbeing of inhabitants.

‘CEMEX is uniquely positioned to provide integrated solutions for building and maintaining more sustainable and resilient cities, and this new site demonstrates this perfectly. Clients in Paris need low-carbon construction solutions which perform throughout the lifecycle.

‘Working together with our clients, this site will help to reduce the carbon footprint of new projects in line with CEMEX’s Future In Action strategy and our commitment to net-zero CO2.’

CEMEX’s Gennevilliers operation will provide the Paris construction market with a variety of aggregates and concrete products, both natural and recycled, with lower transport distances. It will also supply Vertua, the company’s first-ever net-zero carbon concrete range.

Furthermore, the new plant will be ISO 14001 certified later in the year; meeting all of CEMEX's environmental, port, biodiversity and safety standards.

Mr Plantier concluded: ‘The Gennevillier site is the starting point for a new era for our businesses. This model, which is the first multi-activity platform of its kind, could be reproduced elsewhere to meet future needs.’

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