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Cemex extend Vertua product portfolio

Cemex have extended their Vertua portfolio of sustainable products to include a new series of high-performance asphalt solutions
Cemex have extended their Vertua portfolio of sustainable products to include a new series of high-performance asphalt solutions

Comprehensive range of more sustainable asphalt solutions added to Vertua product portfolio

CEMEX have extended their Vertua portfolio of sustainable products to include a comprehensive range of asphalt solutions. VIALOW, VIAFLOW, and VIACOURT asphalt, plus newer products that use a lower-carbon bitumen, now form a new series of high-performance asphalt solutions which have been stringently classified to join the Vertua product family, as part of Cemex’s Vertua brand-expansion programme.

All Cemex products which carry the Vertua brand must meet strict criteria for at least one of five sustainable attributes ranging from lower-carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency, water conservation, through to incorporating recycled materials and design optimization. These attributes have been identified in line with Cemex’s dedicated Future in Action climate action strategy.


VIALOW is a low-temperature, reduced-carbon asphalt which comes with the option to offset residual CO2 to make it a CarbonNeutral product, in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol. VIALOW’s specially formulated, technically advanced bitumen additive allows manufacture at up to 40°C lower temperature than standard asphalt mixes with no compromise in performance, and the added benefit of achieving up to 20% reduction in embodied carbon emissions.

Cemex’s latest lower-carbon asphalt innovation features a new bio-component binder which locks carbon into asphalt. This reduces the carbon footprint of the bitumen by up to 250kg of CO2e when compared with conventional bitumen, which in turn reduces the CO2e in the asphalt by as much as a third. The solution involves the addition of biogenic components engineered to ensure bitumen compatibility that will not compromise the performance characteristics of asphalt. The end-result is an asphalt that can be recycled whilst also retaining captured bio-carbon in the long term.

VIAFLOW is a range of permeable asphalt mixes with a highly durable, free-draining surface, which allows water to pass through to the underlying structure or drainage system. Rated highly for its water-management properties, VIAFLOW is suitable for use as part of a designed sustainable drainage system (SUDS), either through distribution to ground/drainage or for use in ‘greywater harvesting’ applications. VIAFLOW properties can be further enhanced when forming a system with Cemex’s Permaflow permeable concrete, ensuring an optimal solution for surface and storm water management.

VIACOURT is an optimum asphalt material designed and engineered for use in high-performance sports surfaces. Designed to provide a rapid-draining surface for tennis courts and other playing areas, VIACOURT allows sport to recommence soon after periods of rainfall.

Scott Jones, director of asphalt and paving solutions for Cemex EMEA, commented: ‘Our comprehensive range of Vertua asphalt solutions allow customers to measure the sustainable impact of their projects because the attributes are now verifiable. This can be reflected both in the product manufacturing process and in the useful life of the project. Vertua’s single-minded ambition is to extend its value to all products in Cemex’s portfolio, leveraging cutting-edge technology and pioneering innovation to help clients meet their construction needs more sustainably.’

Vertua asphalt solutions are integral high-performance products offered by Cemex’s Urbanisation Solutions Europe business. Capabilities also include a range of next-generation admixtures to enhance product attributes such as strength, workability, and water demand, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.

The complete Vertua product portfolio forms a central part of Cemex’s broader Future in Action strategy to be a net zero CO2 company by 2050, providing customers and partners with efficient solutions to meet environmental goals and lead the way for responsible construction.


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