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CDE unveil latest high-tech innovation in Asia

CDE Combo X150 sand washing plant

New Combo X150 sand washing plant cleans, grades and recycles up to 95% of water from one machine

CDE have introduced a newer and larger version of their flagship X70 washing system, the Combo X150, which integrates all washing processes from end to end in a single compact mobile unit.

Developed specifically for the manufactured sand (m-sand) washing market, the X150 model provides accurate control of silt cut points to produce high-quality sand products. According to CDE, the mobile plant features a water-management system that not only maximizes the production of m-sand but also reduces water consumption by up to 95%.


The Combo X150 incorporates waste-recycling and sludge-management capabilities, allowing it to be deployed in areas where traditional sand-washing systems cannot be used. The plant requires a small supply of fresh water as opposed to traditional systems that typically consume 10–15 times more water.

‘This is what makes the Combo X150 the most eco-friendly sand washing system in the world,’ said Manish Bhartia, managing director of CDE Asia. ‘The other significant advantage is the low power consumption of 0.85kW per tonne of feed – at just 170kW maximum power rating – which makes the plant the most power-efficient machine using clean energy.

‘Our innovations demonstrate CDE Asia’s commitment to helping customers achieve the highest sand specifications using washing technologies, while ensuring minimum impact on our environment.’

Another key feature of the Combo X150 is the optional intelligent remote monitoring system, which provides real-time measurement of critical functions, storage of equipment usage data for accurate diagnosis during service calls, and user warnings for service requirement. The remote monitoring platform has been designed to help deliver maximum plant performance, allowing customers to meet and exceed their production targets.

The Combo X150 all-in-one wet processing system can be used for the washing of a wide range of materials, including m-sand, crushed rock fines, natural sand and gravel. Due to its modular design, there is no need for bulky civil and structural work, while the associated time-consuming process of dismantling and reinstalling the plant is significantly reduced.

Mr Bhartia commented: ‘The X150, with its production capacity of 150–200 tonnes/h, provides an attractive proposition to the maturing washed m-sand market in India, and is now available in more than 10 countries in Asia. It provides the perfect solution in meeting their need for an integrated mobile wash system that maximizes water use. This also gives operators the flexibility to produce concrete and plaster sand simultaneously from one machine.’


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