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CDE recycling plant is the best option for JPE Aggregates

JPE Aggregates have agreed the purchase of a new CDE construction and demolition waste recycling plant as the solution to their waste recovery operations at Elford Quarry in Staffordshire.

Agreement was reached on the new washing plant following extensive trials and after representatives from JPE Aggregates attended two open days hosted by CDE at a site in Ireland.

According to JPE Aggregates the decision was based on securing a plant that would most effectively clean the recycled material, accommodate the capacity requirements for the washing plant and offer a low cost per tonne over the life of the plant.

Steven Birch and John Hale, managing director and technical director, respectively, of JPE Aggregates, attended the first of the open days because of their interest in the log-washer technology offered by CDE.

‘With the recycling of construction and demolition waste material the attrition applied is crucial in order to achieve clean recycled aggregates that can subsequently command the highest commercial value’, explained Steven. ‘It is also vital that the plant is sufficiently flexible in relation to the capacity of each individual piece of equipment to account for the wide variations in feed quality.  Once we saw the CDE wash plant and the robustness of the AggMax and associated equipment in operation we felt it offered the best solution to our immediate needs at Elford whilst also offering the flexibility to allow for future expansion of our activity in aggregates recovery.’

Following on from this initial visit JPE Aggregates sent Dave Rogers, operations manager, to the next open day to confirm the initial feeling that the CDE washing plant offered the best solution.

‘It was essential that Dave give his opinion on the plant as he had the most detailed knowledge of the key issues in terms of throughput, design and final product quality and would be able to offer us the best appraisal of the CDE proposal,’ said Steven Birch.

It was this follow up visit from Dave Rogers and the subsequent report he gave the JPE board that confirmed CDE Global as the best choice of supplier for the new recycling plant.

‘Once I spent the day with the CDE representatives in Ireland and saw in detail how their plant operated and the quality of materials it produced it was clear to me that based on trials we had conducted the CDE plant would achieve all we required in terms of ease of operation, design, efficiency and quality of the final products,’ he explained. ‘Another major factor was the capability of the CDE system to comfortably deliver on our capacity requirements.’

The new recycling plant for JPE Aggregates includes an M2500 E3 mobile washing plant, AggMax 150R attrition system, AquaCycle A400 thickener and a VSI crusher.

The M2500 E3 system includes feeding, screening, sand washing and stockpiling on a single chassis and comes without the problems previously associated with mobile washing plants.

‘One of the major issues with existing mobile washing plants is ironically their lack of mobility,’ explained Colum Bryson, CDE project manager. ‘The combination of hydraulic tracks and large volumes of water and the requirement to raise other washing plants described as mobile in order to allow feeding of the sand washing phase mean that they are in effect static plants. These issues have been successfully addressed on the M2500 and the success we have had since its launch earlier this year is evidence of this.’

The AggMax 150R system incorporates a RotoMax log washer that is a twin-shaft system with a length of 8m dressed with 132 paddles constructed from high chrome cast iron to ensure maximum attrition of the material being processed. The inclusion of the RotoMax, dewatering screen and a trash screen on one compact chassis ensures the efficient transition of material from one phase of processing to another while also minimizing the installation time on site and reducing material and water spillage issues. All of which lead to a safer, cleaner and more productive site.

‘We were the first company to develop the concept of a log washer plus additional sizing, dewatering and trash removal within the one system,’ said Kevin Vallelly, senior design engineer with CDE Global. ‘We knew it offered significant potential and it is not a surprise to us to see copies of this machine appearing on the market.’

Water recycling within the new recycling plant was crucial for JPE as they sought to both minimize the use of natural resources and make maximum use of the space available on site to accommodate the new washing plant. The Aquacycle thickener offers 90% recycling of the water used in the washing process.

‘The M2500 and Aquacycle combination is becoming increasingly popular,’ said Terry Ashby, general manager with CDE in the UK. ‘This combination has been specified on projects in Ireland, England, Scotland, Poland, Germany, Australia, Turkey and Lebanon in recent months.’

JPE Aggregates are one of the leading construction, demolition and excavation waste recycling companies in the Midlands and the new washing plant from CDE Global will allow them to further develop their product portfolio and customer base.

‘The high-quality products and efficient operation of the CDE washing plant can only help us to continue to grow and develop the business in the coming years,’ said Steven Birch. ‘We have a history of breaking new ground in terms of the level of service and quality of products that we offer so the partnership with CDE on this project is very fitting.’

CDE are able to offer customers comfort in relation to the return on investment they can expect from a new washing plant thanks to the automated tool developed by the company five years ago. This allows customers to input information on operational costs, final product sell prices and the level of investment in a new plant to determine whether it represents a viable business opportunity.

The new construction and demolition waste recycling plant installed for JPE Aggregates is the first of the third generation of recycling plants from CDE Global. The two companies will be holding several open day events at the site over the coming months and full details of these will be available on CDE Global’s website.


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