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Caterpillar launch new 836 landfill compactor

New Cat 836 landfill compactor
New Cat 836 landfill compactor

Latest machine offers improved performance, enhanced technology and increased safety  

BUILDING on Caterpillar’s decades of experience in maximizing machine performance and reliability in the harshest working environments, the new 836 landfill compactor features upgrades to the axles and transmission to optimize uptime availability.  

There are two configuration options for the Cat C18 engine powering the 836, which allows the machine to meet local emissions regulation requirements around the world. Improved radiator air inlet door sealing and carry over pressure hood enclosure helps to reduce the need for engine compartment cleanout. Helping to facilitate maintenance planning, data captured alerts key personnel to the remaining service life of the engine air filter. 


The new 836 compactor is also equipped with the Cat torque converter with lock-up clutch, which eliminates torque converter losses whilst reducing system heat and delivering more power to the ground for improved traction. The advanced productivity electronic control system (APECS) transmission control helps the compactor to achieve greater momentum on grades and achieves fuel savings by carrying momentum through shift points. 

The compact technologies found in the 836 combine advanced compaction measurement, in-cab guidance and reporting, so compaction targets are met quickly, uniformly, and in fewer passes to save on fuel. Also incorporated is a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver and mapping display inside the cab. 

Standard Cat Compact with Pass Mapping helps deliver high-accuracy pass counting, allowing operators to monitor areas of coverage and number of passes on the 10in display. Optional Compact Elevation Mapping combines both pass counting and elevation monitoring of slopes to plan, control layer thicknesses and achieve better density. 

When the landfill compactor is connected to Cat VisionLink, the standard Cat Link technology platform provides key data on machine location, hours, fuel consumption, idle time, events, and diagnostic codes.

The Cat 836 features larger diameter shafts and Cat locker differentials for enhanced drive system longevity, improved direction shift speed and increased traction in the waste stream. The new compactor is designed for ease of service and inspection with a focus on safety, as most major components are accessed from ground level or on the machine’s platform.

Minimizing fluid contamination, sight gauges for coolant, transmission and hydraulic oil provide a quick visual inspection. Increased guarding around the axles mitigates risks of damage to components.  

The enhanced operator environment of the 836 includes better forward visibility to the blade and wheels via the lowered glass design. Combining steering, gear selection and other functions into a single lever, the Cat STIC (steering and transmission integrated control) on the compactor delivers maximum responsiveness and control to reduce operator fatigue and increase performance.  

Designed specifically for Cat landfill compactors to optimize compaction, five wheel and tip configurations are available for the 836. The lighter paddle tip design helps delivers high performance and traction with less fuel burn, while the plus tip traditional design increases stability on side slopes. 


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