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Caterpillar introduce new long-reach excavator

Cat 352 UHD excavator

Latest 352 UHD excavator designed for complex demolition and earthmoving applications  

THE new Caterpillar 352 UHD (ultra-high demolition) excavator has been specially designed to handle the difficult task of demolishing tall structures using a range of Cat attachments, including multi-processors, grapples, shears and hydraulic hammers with a retrofit boom.  

The UHD front can be switched for a straight or bent (retrofit) boom position for lower level demolition and earthmoving applications. Switching to the different positions typically takes 15min with no special tool required.  


The 352 excavator features a variable-gauge undercarriage (hydraulically activated) and Cat’s active stability monitoring system, which continuously informs the operator of its work tool position within a safe working range and warns when approaching stability limits. 

In the UHD configuration, the long-reach machine has vertical height of 28m to the work tool attachment pin and a horizontal reach of 15.8m when working with a 3.7-tonne tool. These ample specifications allow the 352 UHD to demolish structures at eight to nine stories high rapidly, with precision and control thanks to an electro-hydraulic control system.  

The undercarriage gauge is available in 13ft for optimum stability during operation, and 10ft (3,000mm) for transportation with 24in (600mm) track shoes. 

In retrofit straight-boom configuration, the 352 excavator uses a 29.1m retrofit boom with a choice of a 9.4ft or 11ft retrofit stick. Equipped with the longer stick and a 4.0-cubic yard capacity bucket, the 352 UHD has a digging depth of 21.8ft and a maximum reach (at ground level) of 38.92ft. 

The Stage V-compliant 352 UHD is powered by a 408hp (304kW) C13 engine featuring three power modes to assist operators to match machine performance to the task at hand, while new efficient, hydraulic, reversing fan cools the engine on demand to help reduce fuel consumption. 

For enhanced safety, the Cat demolition cab features a falling objects guard structure (FOGS) and includes front and roof laminated glass with a P5A impact rating. The cab tilts up 30 degrees for an optimum line of sight to the work tool and for a more productive and comfortable working position for the operator.  

The windshield and roof glass feature one-piece, parallel wipers with three intermittent settings with washer spray. A premium seat comes as standard, along with rear-view and right-hand side view cameras.  

For added comfort, a left console tilts up for easy cab entry/exit whilst advanced viscous mounts reduce cab vibration by up to 50%, compared with previous excavator models. Joystick controllers and buttons can be programmed, including power mode, response and pattern. These settings can be recalled using appropriate operator identification.  


A high-resolution 10in touchscreen monitor allows fast navigation, including operating and maintenance tutorials. 


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