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Caterpillar introduce new 374 excavator

Cat 374 excavator

Next-generation excavator delivers high production and more durability with less maintenance

ACCORDING to Caterpillar, the new next-generation Cat 374 excavator offers higher production, twice the structural durability and up to a 20% reduction in maintenance costs compared with the Cat 374F machine it replaces. Weighing 71.7 tonnes and powered by a 485hp (362kW) Cat C15 engine, the new machine has a maximum digging depth of 8.57m and a maximum reach of 13.16m.

Three modes of operation are available: Power, Smart, and ECO. Power mode is maximum power at all times. ECO mode lowers engine speed and cycle times while maintaining breakout force. Smart mode takes the guesswork out by automatically matching engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions, reducing fuel consumption and optimizing performance. Engine speed automatically reduces when hydraulic demand decreases, further reducing fuel usage.


‘A key to production is our new dedicated hydrostatic swing circuit,’ said Brian Abbott, worldwide product manager for Cat large excavators. ‘The circuit enables regenerating swing brake energy and independent management of cylinder oil flow. What that means for owners and operators is higher operating efficiency and smoother, more predictable performance when multitasking with the excavator.

‘An additional key to production is simple, easy-to-use technology,’ he added. ‘We make it available as standard equipment. In fact, the 374 has the industry’s most comprehensive offering of factory-installed technology in its size class – all to take an owner’s operating efficiency to a much higher level.’

For example, Cat Payload helps operators increase loading efficiency with on-the-go weighing; real-time payload estimates can be calculated without swinging to help prevent overloading and underloading trucks. The monitor’s USP port lets operators download results from a single shift all the way up to 30 days of work with no need for an Internet connection or VisionLink subscription.

Lift Assist is a new safety feature that helps prevent the excavator from tipping. It quickly calculates the weight of the actual load being lifted and compares it to the excavator’s rated capability. Visual and auditory alerts show and tell the operator if the excavator is within a safe working range.

Auto Hammer Stop prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the attachment and machine. A warning message appears on the monitor after 15 seconds of continuous firing; the hammer will automatically stop after 30 seconds of continuous firing.

Cat Product Link makes managing the machine easy. It provides a constant stream of wireless information available via the online VisionLink interface, allowing machine managers in the office to quickly evaluate critical operating information.

For durability, the booms, sticks, and frames on the new Cat 374 are twice as strong as those on the previous model. Booms have increased top and bottom plate thickness; sticks have increased side, bottom, and bracket plate thickness; and frames have increased base frame and counterweight mounting plate thickness. Additional reinforcements are built into the car body, track link, track rollers, and boom, stick, and bucket cylinders to ensure long-term, trouble-free performance.

Moreover, extended and synchronized maintenance intervals contribute to the Cat 374’s lower long-term costs. The new Cat air filter with an integrated pre-cleaner and primary and secondary filters provides double the dust-holding capacity of the previous design; the new Cat hydraulic return filter has a 3,000-hour service life (a 50% increase over previous filters); and fuel system filters are synchronized for service at 1,000 hours (a 100%) increase over the previous filters.

The 374 offers a choice between a Deluxe and Premium cab. Performance-enhancing features such as the front-facing control panel, keyless pushbutton start and large touchscreen monitor with jog dial keys all come as standard.


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