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Caterpillar C-Series ADTs offer added flexibility

Cat 725C bare-chassis ADT

Cat 725C and 730C bare-chassis models accommodate almost any application-specific body

ACCORDING to Caterpillar, the 725C and 730C articulated truck ‘bare-chassis’ models combine the proven durability, reliability and superior performance of the company’s C-Series articulated dumptrucks with the capacity to mount special equipment, including application-specific bodies (eg coal and trash), water tanks and spray systems, fuel- and lube-service components, hook-lift systems, container transport units and flat-bed dump platforms.

Through direct interaction with Caterpillar, Cat dealers and OEMs are prepared to work with customers in designing bare-chassis models to accommodate rear-mounted equipment systems that meet the requirements of virtually any application.


The 725C and 730C articulated truck bare-chassis models are available in two wheelbase lengths (standard or long). The long configuration allows Cat dealers and OEMs to design application-specific derivatives that can accommodate larger equipment systems, provide optimal payload capacity, and lower the center of gravity for added stability while leveraging the features and capabilities of the C-Series articulated truck. 


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