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Cat on snow patrol

Finning (UK) Ltd have supplied the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) with a new Cat D5N LGP dozer for operation at its Halley station.

As part of the National Environment Research Council, the BAS conducts scientific research at its research stations in Antarctica. Over 200 personnel work in the region, with the programmes managed and co-ordinated from Cambridge.

The new machine joins an existing Cat fleet of four D4 dozers and will help with snow management and the laying of cables. The Cat D5N has been modified by Finning engineers for work with secondary attachments such as backhoe loaders and an auger system. Additional modifications include the installation of engine-block water heaters, transmission heaters, an easy jump-start system and a hydraulic winch. With a heavy build up of snow around the buildings in Halley and Rothera, the Cat D5N will also be used to winch two 60-tonne movable buildings into new positions.


Martin Bell, BAS vehicle engineer, said: ‘We continue to invest in Cat equipment because of the Cat high-drive system that helps prevent a build up of ice on the tracks. We also need a reliable product that can work at extreme temperatures.’


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