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Casella expand range

CASELLA have introduced two new models to their CEL-200 series of sound-level meters – the CEL-242 and CEL-246.

The new models can store time history onto an onboard memory that can log over 400,000 measurements. The data is stored in csv format so that it can simply be transferred via USB to any standard spreadsheet package.

The CEL-200 range can display a non-decaying maximum hold value on a number of screens showing the A or C frequency weighting and slow, fast or impulse time responses. The time history facility of the new models shows how the noise has fluctuated and allows users to understand at what point noise control measures are necessary. The equipment has a large, high-resolution display that shows results either numerically or by bar graph and can give a time history trace over the last 1 min or 5 min period.

The CEL-200 series meters are fully compliant with all national and international accuracy standards and are available as stand-alone units or as part of a full measurement kit with a matching acoustic calibrator and other accessories.

Casella Measurement Ltd, Regent House, Wolseley Road, Kempston, Bedford MK42 7JY; tel: (01234) 844100; fax: (01234) 841490.


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