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Case develop telematics solution

Case Fleet Connection system allows managers to remotely monitor entire fleets

Maximizing utilization and reducing operating costs are vital objectives for any equipment operation. However it has always been difficult for a fleet manager to assess exactly what each machine is doing, when they may be working on many remote locations across the country.

Through the use of the ‘Case Fleet Connect’ telematics system fleet managers can now remotely monitor their entire fleet in one simple operation. Customers will be able to order new machinery direct from the factory pre-wired for the Case telematics solution, with installation carried out at their local dealers. Case Construction Equipment dealers can also retro-fit the system to existing Case equipment and other non-Case fleet machinery and vehicles for a complete fleet solution.

The system will use a telematics control unit mounted on each machine to collect information from the machine and from GPS satellites. This data is then sent on through the mobile communication networks to the Case telematics web portal, allowing customers to see exactly where machines are located and the work that is being carried out.

The Case Fleet Connect telematics system will allow customers to see the last reported location of equipment online, through Google mapping, monitoring running and idle times and allowing managers to see exactly when machines are being used, which can be vital to a rental business. This can also prevent machinery being left idling when not in use, cutting fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

In addition, the system provides a regularly updated location service, with the ability to geofence machinery on a site or within a local area, with text and e-mail alerts if the machine is taken outside of the pre-arranged working area. The system also provides for working curfews and motion detection, again alerting a company if equipment is moved outside of working hours.

Constant monitoring allows managers to better prepare for regular preventative maintenance, as operating hours are recorded and any faults can be flagged up to service technicians. The system is linked to a customer’s local Case dealer, facilitating rapid response and planned maintenance scheduling.

The Case telematic system will provide customers with reduced operating and maintenance costs, will improve fleet performance and productivity and can be used to lower insurance premiums in some markets through location and positioning. Telematic systems are set to become a major part of fleet operation, allowing managers to increase utilization of equipment, better plan preventative maintenance and more rapidly respond to issues on site, cutting operating and ownership costs and boosting profits.

The Case telematic solution will continue to be developed over the coming years, to offer increased facilities and services to customers.


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