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Bunker demolition success for Epiroc

Epiroc demolition attachment

Top-of-the-range hydraulic breakers and drum cutters help tackle deep bunker system in Germany 

A FLEET of Epiroc hydraulic breakers and demolition cutters, alongside Erkat-branded drum cutters, have helped dismantle an underground bunker system in the German city of Siegen. The 1930s-built bunker had to be demolished as part of a major construction project to develop a mixture of commercial, retail and residential units spanning 4,000 sq m in the city centre. 

Local contractors Otto Quast enlisted the help of Epiroc (and subsidiary Erkat) to tackle some of the most challenging demolition work on the project, including tearing down a number of reinforced concrete walls (each measuring almost 2m thick). 

Due to the densely populated area around the underground bunker system, not to mention a nearby bus/train station, it was important for Otto Quast to provide an environmental solution to the project – and the Erkat drum cutters, for example, were chosen for their well-known efficiency, low-vibration and quiet operation.  

The deep bunker, which comprised 2,300 cubic metres of converted space, had to be carried out in separate construction phases. And Epiroc hydraulic breakers and cutters were involved in every step of the way, over a working period of around six weeks. 

In order to weaken the ceiling and wall structures, an ER 1500 transvers drum cutter and an ER 2000 unit were mounted on a Liebherr 946 and Komatsu PC240, respectively, with the task of reducing material thickness from 180cm down to 100cm. Environmental effects such as vibration and noise were all taken into account, as well as dust accumulation which was offset by integrated water spraying equipment. 

The demolition of the weakened bunker structure was carried out by a CB 4500 concrete buster, which made short work of the walls with its jaw width of around 140cm. A HB 3100 hydraulic breaker was subsequently used for the final demolition of the base plate. 

Other Epiroc attachments also impressed in the final clean-up of the project, including: a BP 3050 R bulk pulverizer, which carried out further reduction of construction waste; and a HM 2000 F magnet, which sorted the iron components. 

With the bunker demolition project completed effectively on time and on budget, Epiroc have demonstrated why their demolition attachments are recognized worldwide in the construction sector for delivering exemplary solutions for demanding dismantling work in sensitive areas.  

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