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Bruel & Kjaer launch Measurement Partner Suite

Measurement Partner Suite

New PC software for hand-held noise and vibration measurements offers one-stop shop for post-processing

BRUEL & Kjaer have introduced the new Measurement Partner Suite – a new post-processing software for the company’s sound-level meters and hand-held analyzers. Users simply connect their sound level meter via USB, LAN or modem, upload their measurement data, then process and analyze their data through Measurement Partner Suite.

The software package is free for all customers in its basic, standard configuration for data viewing and archiving. The most common post-processing tasks are automated, removing the need to export data to spreadsheets for analysis and saving hours of a consultant’s time. In addition, the risk of errors when using and sharing spreadsheets is reduced.

Measurement data can be emailed to other users in seconds with a ‘pack-and-go’ feature that zips and sends entire measurement archives with one click. The archive then reappears in the recipient’s display automatically.

The intuitive user-interface is based on the same familiar format as its predecessor  – ‘Utility Software for Hand-held Analyzers’. This allows users to quickly master the vastly improved functionality, which features intuitive data manipulation, drag-and-drop operation and archiving.

Key to the one-stop-shop concept of Measurement Partner Suite are additional modules, designed on a smartphone-like App principle that allows them to be activated as they are needed, on a time-limited subscription basis. The two initial modules are for logging and spectrum analysis with many more in the pipeline. Each new module will add new capabilities to the platform.

Existing sound-level meter customers receive a free six-month trial of both subscription modules when they upgrade to Measurement Partner Suite. This subscription model is designed to be flexible and responsive to customers’ needs, as no large investments are necessary.

Measurement data can be exported from Measurement Partner to other post-processing and analysis products such as Bruel & Kjaer’s PULSE Reflex and Microsoft Excel.

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