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Brokk introduce the C20 Rock Splitter

Brokk C20 Rock Splitter

New attachment offers contractors a safe and quiet alternative to explosives and hydraulic breakers

BROKK, manufacturers of remote-controlled demolition machines, have introduced the C20 Rock Splitter. The attachment, manufactured by Brokk’s German sister company, Darda, offers contractors a safe and quiet alternative to explosives and hydraulic breakers, helping to increase productivity in industries such as mining, quarrying, tunnelling, construction and demolition.

‘We never stop looking for ways to improve safety with our machines,’ said Lars Lindgren, Brokk Inc.’s president. ‘Paired with a Brokk 280 demolition robot and counter weight, the C20 Rock Splitter allows our customers to split rock with all the speed and effectiveness of breakers and chippers, but without the noise, vibration and danger common with that type of equipment.’


The C20 Rock Splitter comes in four models: two vertical options ranging from 64in to 72in (163cm to 183cm) long; as well as two horizontal options from 70in to 83in (179cm to 211cm) long. Contractors can use the splitter with Brokk machines ranging in size from the new Brokk 280, if used with counterweights, and up.

The C20 Rock Splitter quickly breaks large boulders and solid rock. Users simply drill a 3in diameter hole into the rock with a separate attachment before inserting the splitter. The attachment expands with as much as 1,800 tons of force, splitting the rock.

The method is quieter, safer and produces fewer vibrations and dust than breakers and explosives, presenting contractors with a productive alternative in areas where potentially disruptive demolition techniques are not allowed.

According to Brokk, it works faster than expanding demolition chemicals, which can take hours, and it is also a safer alternative to hand-held tools, such as pneumatic breakers, that produce heavy vibrations and can lead to injuries and ill health over time.

The C20 Rock Splitter, when combined with a Brokk machine, allows laborers to work from a safe distance – typically 10 to 20ft away – using a belt-mounted remote-control box.


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