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Brigade Electronics introduce PathFindIR II

PathFindIR II thermal-imaging camera system

New thermal-imaging camera system allows drivers to see hazards ahead even in total darkness

DRIVERS can now see up to four times further than when using headlights in total darkness, poor weather conditions, dust or smoke with the introduction of the PathFindIR II from Brigade Electronics.

PathFindIR II is a compact thermal-imaging camera designed for commercial vehicle use. The camera detects the heat signature of objects and displays images on a monitor to provide drivers with increased vision.


The PathFindIR II allows drivers to see pedestrians and animals up to 125m (450ft) away, beyond the glare of oncoming headlights. The system is said to be particularly suitable for long construction vehicles and mine and quarry machines.

An object’s heat signature is undetected by the naked eye but is easily picked up by the infrared imaging camera. PathFindIR II automatically detects and visually alerts the driver to nearby people and animals by highlighting the images on the monitor.

According to Brigade, the advanced technology is extremely robust and can see through darkness and dust. As PathFindIR II detects heat and not light, headlights and work beacons are displayed less powerfully, allowing the driver to see clearly night and day, in all weather conditions, without being dazzled by the glare from oncoming vehicle lights.

The compact camera is easy to install, works through a standard video output and fits in a range of locations. PathFindIR II can also be linked to reversing and side-view camera systems for optimal all-round vision.


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