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Brenkley Lane proposal gets the go ahead

PLANS for a new surface coal mine on the border between Newcastle and Northumberland have been unanimously approved by the two local authorities.

Co. Durham-based Banks Group put forward the plans for the Brenkley Lane scheme on land to the south of their existing Delhi site on the Blagdon Estate, near Seaton Burn, in Northumberland.

Around 2.4m tonnes of high-quality coal and 200,000 tonnes of fireclay will be mined over a period of up to 11 years, with around 40 people working on the 130ha site.

To minimize visual and environmental impact, the Brenkley Lane scheme will utilize the existing Delhi site compound, facilities and overburden mound.

In addition, an underpass will be created beneath Ponteland Road, which divides the Delhi and Brenkley Lane sites, thereby removing the need for mining plant to cross the road.

‘We are naturally very pleased that both Newcastle City Council and Northumberland County Council have resolved to grant planning permission for our Brenkley Lane site,’ commenter Mark Dowdall, environment and community director at the Banks Group.

‘This scheme will directly employ more than 40 people, as well as supporting many other jobs in local supply chain businesses, and it has also been specifically designed to use the existing compound, facilities and overburden mound of the adjacent Delhi site to maximize recovery of coal while also minimizing visual and environmental impact.’

Preparatory work on site is expected to start next year.


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