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Breaking new ground in Gujarat

Chicago Pneumatic RX14 hydraulic breaker

Chicago Pneumatic RX14 hydraulic breaker helps Indian basalt quarry increase productivity

A RIG-mounted hydraulic breaker from international construction equipment manufacturers Chicago Pneumatic has allowed one of the leading basalt quarries in the Indian state of Gujarat to increase its productivity by 40%.

As a result of purchasing a RX14 medium-size hydraulic breaker, Sushmit Quarry has experienced significant savings on its operational costs, and in the process become one of the main customer references for Chicago Pneumatic equipment in the region.

As a result, the quarry has helped the RX range gain a strong reputation across Gujarat’s basalt quarrying industry, with nine light and medium RX breakers, including RX8 and RX14 models, being sold in less than three months.

With more than 20 years of experience in basalt quarrying, Sushmit is a well-known business in Gujarat. The company recently turned to the Chicago Pneumatic RX14 breaker to find a solution to the time-consuming and expensive secondary drilling that was often needed to shape boulders and make them suitable for crushers.

‘My top priority was to produce basalt with lower operational costs so I chose Chicago Pneumatic equipment, which has, for decades, had a strong reputation in the Indian market,’ commented Monish Patel, director of Sushmit Quarry.

‘After reading about the RX14 breaker, I was impressed to hear about its innovative features, including a new double-body system and a compact design with fewer moving parts.’

After subsequently witnessing an on-site demonstration of the RX14 breaker’s potential, Mr Patel had no doubt about purchasing it.

With more than 5,000h of work under its belt to date, the rugged and reliable RX14 hydraulic breaker has lived up to Mr Patel’s expectations and proved a great fit for Sushmit Quarry, which has dramatically improved its efficiency and productivity.

‘Thanks to the RX14 I can now obtain the desired size of boulder for my jaw crusher,’ said Mr Patel. ‘As a result, secondary drilling has been reduced by 80% and I have experienced significant savings on labour costs.’

In addition, the quarry’s consumption of explosives for use in breaking operations has been significantly reduced, with further savings being achieved, and the site’s overall production has increased by 40%.

With a service weight of 800kg and an impact rate between 650 and 850bpm (blows per minute), the RX14 is a robust and durable medium-size hydraulic breaker. With few components and only two moving parts, it offers a high level of reliability and, thanks to its recoil-absorbing concept and polyurethane insulted breaker box system, is said to be one of the quietest breakers on the market.

Other innovative features include hybrid technology for higher impact energy, an internal control valve for higher efficiency and a power booster for higher performance. Finally, a central lubrication port makes the RX14 extremely easy to maintain.

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