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Bobcat introduce a new range of rotating telehandlers

The four new Bobcat rotary telehandler models complement the existing Bobcat range of 12 rigid frame telehandlers with lift capacities from 2.2 tonnes to 4.0 tonnes and lift heights from 5.2m to 17.4m. The new 360 degree and 400 degree rotating models, which have been launched to meet an increasing demand for this type of versatile telehandler, offer lifting capacities from 3.5 tonnes to 5.0 tonnes and lifting heights from 15.7m to 24.5m.  

The rotating capability of the new rotary telehandlers allows the machines to serve the needs of an entire site from just one position. Capable of being set up in a matter of minutes, they offer stability for lifting heavy materials either vertically up to a roof or horizontally onto the edge of an excavated site, reducing construction time and costs and increasing safety and efficiency on site.

Equally adept for rough-terrain applications in the building, civil engineering and industrial markets, the rotating telehandlers can be supplied with a variety of Bobcat attachments, including man platforms, extension jibs, buckets and pallet forks for transporting bricks and other materials. Equipped with these attachments, the Bobcat rotating telehandlers are said to offer all the operational advantages of a rigid-frame telescopic handler combined with a light and versatile rotating crane.

The smallest rotary model, the TR35160, offers a maximum lifting height of 15.7m and features a two-section telescopic boom, whilst the TR45190, TR50210 and TR40250 models have three-section booms, offering maximum lifting heights of 18.7m, 20.5m and 24.5m, respectively.

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