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Beware of dangerous counterfeit safety helmets

Counterfeit hard hats

BSIF warn that sub-standard counterfeit hard hats have found their way on to the international market 

THE British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) is warning that counterfeit and sub-standard safety helmets, believed to be of Asian origin and marked under the brand name ‘Burly’ and ‘MkII’, have found their way on to the international market.

These helmets are copies of the well-known MkII safety helmet manufactured by JSP in the UK and should not be confused as being one and the same.


According to the BSIF, the ‘Burly’ helmets do not meet the requirements of the British and European Standard EN397 and are extremely dangerous; they must not be worn and should be destroyed immediately.

The accompanying photograph shows a counterfeit helmet which was broken in half simply by applying hand pressure to its sides.

‘Counterfeit personal protective equipment (PPE) is on the increase, with well-established product brands and designs being targeted,’ said a spokesperson for the BSIF.

‘The consequences of using counterfeit and illegal products could be fatal. Often these products don’t perform as they should, endangering lives and exposing businesses to the risk of prosecution.’

Anyone who finds that they have a ‘Burly’ helmet (identifiable from the under-peak markings) should contact the BSIF on tel: (01442) 248744; or by email: [email protected]

To help combat the arrival of counterfeit and illegal PPE, the BSIF has introduced the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme (RSSS), which aims to ensure that all PPE is tested to the known performance requirement, as stipulated by CE standards, and sold by a recognized and reputable supplier.


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